OHAL Directory is a local search site that gathers local information (like operating hours) directly from business websites. Accurate operating hours information can be hard to come by, and the best source is often the company website itself.

OHAL Directory then analyzes and publishes the local data on a convenient map interface. The map shows the open/closed status of the businesses as green and red dots so that the open locations can be seen at a glance.

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Looking for stores open past 7pm on a Sunday? A breakfast place? Dining late at night? OHAL Directory helps you find open stores and restaurants with one tap simple — just choose a category such as restaurants, shopping, books, post offices, and many more. You can also enter a search term to look for a particular business.

OHAL Directory uses innovative new technology to automatically extract business hours directly from company websites. This means that we have operating hours information not available in other apps. In addition, we have descriptions and photos for many more businesses. Our database already includes hundreds of thousands of businesses with hours, and we are adding more each day.

Green dots show businesses that are open, and red dots show the ones that are closed. Drag the slider to see which ones are open at times differentthe colors change instantly. Dark blue dots have more information, but not business hours. You can enter an address or just drag the map to check out different locations.

In addition to operating hours, you'll also be able to read about businesses, view photos, and get driving directions. You can also add stores to your favorites list. You can view the businesses either on a map or on a list.

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Post Office Hours shows all the US Post Offices and mailboxes near you, along with their business hours and last mail collection times. Green dots show post offices that are open or mailboxes before their last collection time, and red dots show the ones that are closed for the day. Drag the slider to see which ones are open at times differentthe colors change instantly. You can enter an address or just drag the map to check out different locations.

In addition to hours information, ll also find phone numbers, addresses, and driving directions. You can add locations to your favorites list, and view results either on a map or on a list.

With Post Office Hours as your helper, your mail will always go out on time.

How is OHAL Directory different?

Many local search, Internet Yellow Pages (IYP), and search engine sites get business information from data providers, which may be prone to error. For example, the data is often obtained by calling businesses, and errors can stem from the person answering giving wrong information (e.g., giving fax as phone number) or the data entry person entering the wrong information. Business data also changes frequently and data obtained in such a fashion can easily become outdated.

Another way business data is obtained is when the businesses submit their data directly to search engines, local search, and IYP sites. This method may produce more accurate data, but it is time-consuming for the businesses to submit their information frequently and to multiple sites.

OHAL Directory seeks to overcome these inefficient ways of getting business data by crawling the websites of the businesses directly. The websites have often been reviewed by corporate marketing departments or similar and often provide the most accurate and current information.

OHAL Directory discovers this data using its unique local semantic technology that recognizes local information (e.g. address, description, phone, and hours information) on web pages and translates that information into a standard format for use on the OHAL Directory site.

Another unique feature of OHAL Directory semantic technology is that only the web pages with local information are crawled so that the impact on the website is minimized. This allows sites to be re-crawled frequently, keeping the information fresh. This unique feature is in contrast to traditional search engines that often index the entire site, where frequent crawling can cause a heavy impact on the site.

On OHAL Directory, users will find up-to-date operating hours information on an easy-to-use map interface. This friendly interface minimizes the number of search queries required to find open businesses and other local information.


In the future, as businesses enter more information on their websites in ways that computers can understand, semantic local search technology will become even more effective. Providing current information on websites will make it easier for businesses to communicate information to users and give the businesses a convenient way to ensure that their online business information is accurate and timely – by simply updating their own website. OHAL Directory's unique semantic technology brings this information to users, without the businesses having to provide frequent updates to multiple data providers, search engines, and local search sites. Ultimately, the combination of updated business content and OHAL Directory's local semantic technology will bring users more relevant and accurate local data.


OHAL Directory is currently crawling and indexing more and more local data throughout the country each day. Please check back periodically for updated content. You can also submit a website to be crawled by using the OHAL Directory bookmarklet.

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